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Why We Stand: America

From it’s very beginning, the story of America has been a story like no other. Not only did the colonists seeking to create her defeat the biggest empire in the world at the time, they successfully created a financial system, laws, and government. They found the perfect balance between order and freedom.


The incredible idea that people could in fact rule themselves propelled America into the world spotlight.


For the first time, a nation allowed the PEOPLE to hold more value than the GOVERNMENT. For the first time, a nation made way for people to freely exchange opinions and speculate ideas that weren’t approved by a king, emperor, or ruler. For the first time, freedom was the top priority of leaders and citizens alike. Boundaries for governing authorities were put in place so that the people could not be used or abused. A justice system from which no one was exempt was solidified, ensuring that EVERYONE was subject to American law and consequences.


Because of this new capitalism, free trade, and general independence, Americans poured their creativity into the world. They produced astounding new inventions such as the suspension bridge, the lightbulb, and the photograph. Inventions were inspired into being, from the airplane to the potato chip, thanks to the freedom to create. Brilliant minds that were permitted to be brilliant on their own, and freedom of thought and speech allowed an exchange of ideas that developed America into a world leader.


For the next two centuries, Americans retained the masterpiece of liberty.


Many sacrificed their lives to defend the republic their forefathers had fought for. Many fought the battle of the mind, using the pen to protect that oh-so-controversial concept of freedom.


Americans have risked life and limb for liberty and excellence, leading the world in quality and greatness.


Teased by the promise of possibility, Americans have explored the depths of the sea and the vastness of space. They have conquered mountains, tamed oceans, charted the wilderness, investigated the mysteries of science, produced world-renowned literature, felled tyrants, and strolled on the moon. 



After the birth of America a mixing pot developed, a mixing pot of thoughts, dreams, cultures, and opportunities all with one collective core: the greatness, the goodness, the uniqueness, the love, of America.


All of this began with a scheme, a theory, a belief. A notion that such liberty could be the lifestyle for men and women across the land.


All of this is represented with a handful of stars and stripes etched across a patch of fabric. A patch of fabric that has been trampled on, burned, shredded, and torn. A patch of fabric that still flies high from millions of poles across the nation.


All of this is embedded in the lilt of an old ballad, written by an amateur poet on the eve of an American victory.


All of this is symbolized in the American Flag, and The Star Spangled Banner; our anthem.


When the music plays and the banner waves our hearts swell with patriotism, and we stand in honor of those brave Americans who have gone before us. We stand with the promise of possibility, we stand with our love of liberty, and we stand with our adoration for America; the land of the free, and the home of the brave. We stand in awe of all that courageous men and women have accomplished thanks to America, and we stand holding true to our motto In God We Trust.


This is why we stand.


This is what they protest when they refuse to stand. A hatred for America, circulated by the Leftist agenda, is permeating the minds of American youth. It is being taught in schools, from kindergarten to college. It is rampant throughout social media, advertising the idea that America is oppressive, racist, and discriminatory, while it is only because of the unique American freedom of speech and press that this idea is even able to circulate. It is propaganda believed and promoted by role models for young people everywhere, displayed in movies, through music, and on the football field.


America, the brainchild of a handful of revolutionary patriots, the scandalous rebellion that grew into a sovereign nation, the nation that grew into the leader of world trade, the defender of freedom, is teetering on the edge of destruction via the descendants of those very patriots.


Those sons of liberty who became founding fathers had a dream that America would be a land where with hard work, grit, a sprinkle of spunk and a no-quit attitude, anything could be possible for anyone.


Now, Leftists are believing and teaching that free housing, genital changes, and healthcare are civil rights, and that anyone who expresses concern over the boarders is a racist. They teach that everyone (who agrees with them, at least) deserves anything they want whenever they want it. They decry and denounce the free exchange of ideas, shouting down the absolute patriots, and holding up collapsing socialist countries such as Cuba and Venezuela as their examples of greatness.


They reign in education, apologize for excellence, and instill shame into the hearts of American youth simply for being American.


When they protest the flag and anthem, they protest the champions of change and chance, the heroes such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr.


They protest the very essence of liberty.

That is why we must stand. We stand as Absolute Patriots, unashamed of our great nation, willing to face mockery, scorn, fire, and foe for our love of independence.


We stand for truth.

We stand for patriotism.

We stand for the founders who fought for freedom.

We stand for the pilots, soldiers, and sailors who have defended us.

We stand for liberty and justice for all.

We stand.

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