Trump Vs. Hillary – You Decide

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On May 26th, 2016 the fact was realized that Donald Trump had secured the needed numbers to secure the nomination. However, the Republican nomination will be finalized at the July convention. While his closest presidential rivals – Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Marco Rubio – have yet to free delegates pledged to support them at the convention, Mr. Trump can win the prize with or without their help.


Mr. Trump is up against former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who are vying for the Democrat nomination. Will the Republican convention in Cleveland be the Donald Trump show? In all likelihood it will be that everyone who is not with him will be spectators or – as his recent criticism has shown – targets.

Trump Vs. Hillary – You Decide

Trump vs. Hillary is what the masses are showing. In all reality what is Trump’s chance at winning the Presidency?
Many say his chances are slim. But many are also talking of how Donald Trump might just become the next president.


After tearing through the primaries and discarding all of his rivals single-handedly, he is now set to be up against Hillary Clinton….so why not? Why couldn’t he take her down, too?

Democrats shouldn’t be too confident, and Donald Trump fans should not feel like there’s no hope. By using his own strategy, Trump has a legitimate chance at transforming the electoral map and catapulting himself into the White House. Put simply, Trump will need to zero in on several states, mainly in the Midwest. To pull that off, he’ll need to turn several historically blue presidential election states red.

Remaining Presidential Canidates 2016


To win these crucial states, Republicans have historically tried to appeal to the Hispanic community and young voters. It’s been an uphill battle for most Republicans, and it certainly wouldn’t be an easy feat for Trump. He is mostly loathed by Hispanic voters, and he will face a challenge getting through to young voters outside of his key demographic of lower-income, less educated white people.

To win, Trump will need to put the previous GOP strategy aside. Instead, he may look to keep Ohio in the mix and then set his gaze on: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin.


So why do so many see Hillary as virtually the next president? For one thing, she appeals to many of the percentages that he repeals. She has the built-in advantage due to long-time political career, and the fact that her run has been expected for many years. He has alienated Hispanics and women and his favorability rating with all voters is further underwater than Clinton’s.  The entire establishment is obviously slanted in her favor, and just as obviously slanted against Trump. But the number of people blabbering on the internet that Hillary is virtually our next president; that number is fading fast. Google it. There are far more recent articles of how trump can beat Clinton, when just a few months prior it was an overwhelming amount of articles of how the ‘math’ could never add up. Trump has surpassed it all. Even math.
Another factor, is the trash talk. Neither of them have been very nice to each other, hurting both of their reputations. Trump from the beginning has been known as a savage, tearing through other candidate’s weak points. Hillary has made an effort to fire back at Trump, but mostly just with what she doesn’t like about him. Trump supporters are not to concerned about what Hillary has to say about their pick. But Clinton supporters do seem to be pretty fired at Trump’s prods at Hillary and her record. He aims at real liabilities.


Clinton enjoys only a slim lead over Trump in a head-to-head match-up. You have to think that her lead will climb once the Democratic Party revs up the Trump attack machine, which the GOP has so far mysteriously declined to use.

But at the same time, in a polarized, nearly evenly divided electorate, there’s only so much the Democratic Party can do to expand its reach.


So what do you think? Who has a more likely chance of becoming the next President of The United States; Trump or Clinton?

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