Trump Rallies EQUAL Violent Protestors

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Recently, there’s been an uproar of violent opposition at Trump rallies. There have been several different recent incidents at his gatherings of escalating opposition. Including in New Orleans, LA., Georgia, Louisville, KY., Orlando, FL., North Carolina, and most drastically, Chicago and Saint Louis on March 11th, 2016.

Trump Rallies Equal Violent Protestors


Trump Rallies Equal Violent Protestors

March 11th, 2016, Donald Trump was supposed to hold a rally in Chicago. That did not quite according to plan. Thousands upon thousands of protestors showed up, many of whom even purchased tickets. Trump cancelled the event, and issued a statement telling supporters to go in peace. Which did not quite happen.

Trump supporters and protestors both got into physical fist fights on the evening of March 11th at the University of Illinois campus, where the event was to be held. Several of the police force were injured.

“You can’t even have a rally anymore,” Trump said during an interview with MSNBC, while the protest continued. He added that he didn’t “want to see people hurt or worse.”

Trump on violent protests

It has been confirmed that the Chicago protests were well-organized, with the Black Lives Matter organization being the instigators. Ironically, many traveled quite a distance to raise this ruckus, and also a large number are not even citizens. Also a large number are middle-eastern students, on Spring Break. Black Lives Matter recruited them to plan to spend their Spring Breaks on traveling far to create riots. There were also several other groups present who are self-proclaimed: those of the Islamic groups, Radical Communists, Mexican Nationalists, Bernie supporters, Maoist and more who all along with Black Lives Matter, took proud credit for the cancelling of the Chicago rally, and the violent ruckus in Saint Louis. Most traveled from other parts of the country, and some even from out of country. Many of the violence participants have been traveling since late 2013 or earlier, from major riot to major riot. George Soros alone and others have spent over 33 million in donating and funding the expenses for these national phenomena riots.


Trump protestors

But let’s go back to Saint Louis, Missouri where the fury filled day began with clashes outside Peabody Opera House, leaving one man bloodied and another charged with third-degree assault.   Trump’s March 11th St. Louis rally was interrupted repeatedly by protesters. Meanwhile, outside there continued to be intense back-and-forth between protesters and Trump supporters who couldn’t get in. Police officers used themselves as barricades between the two. Police said 32 people were arrested and charged with general peace disturbance, including the third-degree assault charge.   At least 300 of the massive crowd, were protestors. They were of the same groups of the Chicago protestors, but with a larger majority of local Muslims and Black Lives Matters participants.


Thug Black Lives Matter


The event’s tone was set long before Trump even made his appearance. Protesters gathered in the morning outside the Peabody Opera House, where they confronted throngs of Trump fans who had lined up to attend the speech. The two sides shouted obscenities at one another, and on a few occasions, the encounters broke out into physical violence. There were locals who were stomping and standing on the United States flag, wearing apparel with profanities stamped on it.


On March 12th, 2016 Trump was in Ohio. There has been released footage of a man attempting to attack trump on the stand in Dayton. It was a planned attack. Several in the crowd at Wright Brothers Aero hangar also were throwing objects towards Donald Trump. But it said that the preceding lines were much more subdued, in comparison to Chicago & Saint Louis.

Trump Campaign Riots


Whether your opinion of trump is bad, good, or indifferent, it is undeniable that he has ignited our nation.

What do you think of the recent national phenomena of rioting at Trump rallies? Not even that it is at trump rallies, but what about the Professional Rioters? Should this be tolerated?




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