Presidential Election of 2020

What?  Already?  Why are we bringing this up?  That’s but probably what you’re thinking right now, but believe it or not there are already several candidates!  And while Trump plans to run again, there are already other options…

Republican Party:

Announced Candidates:

Donald J. Trump (70), NY

  • 45th President of the United States
  • American Businessman
  • Billionaire

Main Political Stances

  • Helping Veterans
  • Increasing National Security
  • Bringing businesses to the U.S.


Jack Fellure (85), WV

  • Retired Engineer
  • Perennial Candidate

Main Political Stances

  • Illegalization of Abortion, Pornography, and Homosexuality.
  • 2nd Amendment rights
  • Repealing Obamacare

Candidates who have expressed interest:

Dwayne Johnson (44), FL

  • Actor
  • Producer
  • Professional Wrestler

Main Political Stances

  • Not Specified


Speculated Candidates:

Nikki Haley

  • UN Ambassador
  • Former governor of South Carolina


John Kasich

  • Governor of Ohio

Rand Paul

  • U.S. Senator from Kentucky


Democratic Party:

Announced Candidates:

Rocky De La Fuente (62), CA

  • 2016 Reform Party Presidential Nominee
  • Automotive Dealer

Main Political Stances

  • Not Specified

Geoffrey Fieger (66), MI

  • Attorney

Main Political Stances

  • Not Specified


Candidates Who Have Expressed Interest:

Lincoln Chafee (63), RI

  • Former Governor of Rhode Island
  • U.S. Senator

Main Political Stances

  • Pro-Choice
  • Taxing the Rich
  • Switching U.S. to the metric system

Terry McAuliffe (60), VA

  • Governor of Virginia
  • DNC Chairman

Main Political Stances

  • Pro-Choice
  • Anti-Trump style immigration
  • LGBT rights

Martin O’Malley (54), MD

  • Former Governor of Maryland
  • Former Mayor of Baltimore

Main Political Stances

  • LGBT rights
  • Removing the death penalty
  • Gun Control

Speculated Candidates:

Jason Kander

  • Former Missouri Secretary of State

John Kerry

  • Former U.S. Secretary of State

Elizabeth Warren

  • U.S. Senator from Massachusetts


Libertarian Party:

Announced Candidates:

Adam Kokesh (35), AZ

  • Political Activist
  • Author

Main Political Stances

  • Self-Ownership
  • No Taxes
  • Small Government


Candidates who have expressed interest:

Austin Petersen (36), MO

  • Producer
  • Author
  • Political activist
  • 2016 Presidential Candidate

Main Political Stances

  • Not Specified


Third Party or Independent Candidates:

Announced Candidates:

Jeremy Gable (34), PA

  • Playwright


Dan Rattiner (78), NY

  • Journalist


Jeffrey Sharp (age unknown), CA

  • Producer/Entrepreneur


Kanye West (39), CA

  • Rapper/Record Producer


So what do you think?  It’s Pretty crazy that all of those people are running for President already.  So how will this affect your vote?  Where is America Headed with these candidates?

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