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People Control: The Real Agenda Behind “Sensible Gun Reform”

“Sensible Gun Reform” is a term thrown around by progressive democrats after every tragedy or mass killing where guns were used by the murderer. Liberals stand on the graves of children and innocents to further a political agenda, cloaking the disarming of the American people in theatrical empathy.


A violent picture of all gun existence has been painted by the Left and displayed in so many different ways that the natural reflex of many modern Americans is to recoil in fear at the sight or mention of a gun. A false narrative has been circulated, portraying pro-second amendment Americans as heartless miscreants, callous to the deaths of children and careless about tragedy.


This narrative is a propagandist lie, taking advantage of human emotion and compassion to push through a much bigger plan.


A fact that many do not fully understand is that the original purpose of the second amendment was not for defense against lawless people or criminals, although guns are very important for that. Originally, guns were for defense against tyranny. An armed society prevents the government from becoming all-consuming, from warping into communism or dictatorship.


Liberal Democrats faithfully tote the story of the National Firearms Agreement law passed in 1996 in Australia, citing it as a voluntary buyback program that all Australian citizens were happy to take part in. This narrative is also entirely false.


The Australian law was not a voluntary buyback, and it was not gun control; it was mandatory gun confiscation. The entire population was forcibly disarmed and stripped their only means of defense against complete government control. When progressives point to Australia as an example of “sensible gun control,” they promote the idea of government officials marching through the streets, invading every house, confiscating hundreds of millions of guns, and fining and arresting any who resist.


To follow in the footsteps of Australia would be a complete discard of American values and Constitutional Rights, leading to civil war and bloodshed in the streets. It would be only the beginning of a national disregard for Constitutional American policies.



“Stop pretending to respect the Constitution and instead focusing on appointing judges who will nullify it.” -Dan Pfeiffer, former Senior Advisor to Barak Obama.


Leftist Democrats hate gun-owning America. They hate their guts. They are fighting for an America where the government is armed and the people obey without question or resistance. The truth is they do not want any semblance of “common sense” gun  reform, they want gun confiscation and they will rely on tragic school shootings as fuel for their emotional and illogical crieof reform and the villification of the NRA and gun owners across America. 


“For the left, voters who can’t be controlled can’t be trusted.” -Tucker Carlson, Fox News.


The Leftist agenda calls for a complete disarming of the American population. When the people cannot defend themselves, they can be controlled, intimidated, and manipulated. The Left needs brainless, implicitly obedient people in order to thrive, and seizing guns from the American people is just a step in the process of turning them into exactly what they want.


The Left does not care about ending violence or protecting children in American schools. They use tragic shootings as emotional leverage to bend people to their will, blocking out all logic and alternative solutions to further their agenda.

Gun-control isn’t gun-control… it’s people control.


There are dozens of courses of action to take to prevent school shootings and similar tragedies, but the Left doesn’t want to listen to them. Progressive Democrats need to control the people to gain ultimate power, and solutions don’t help them climb the dominion ladder. We protect stores, banks, courthouses, sporting events, politicians including anti 2nd amendment politicians with, you guessed it,  guns. The list goes on and on and on… but somehow we won’t consider common sense approaches such as armed marshals, retired police, and military to stand guard, or training and arming teachers and administrators to protect our futures greatest asset, our children, the next generation, with guns?


The Second Amendment is included in the American Constitution to empower the people to prevent a government takeover, and to remind the government that it is a servant of the people… the people should not be servants of the government. To surrender our right to bear arms is to surrender our position as Americans, and enslave ourselves to an incredibly totalitarian government.


We cannot surrender if we value our freedoms, our rights, our liberty, and the America we know and love.

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