OUTRAGE: President Obama Awarded Multiple Undeserving Leftist with The Presidential Medal of Freedom

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is supposed to be a highly esteemed award, given to only the most distinguished citizens for an amazing accomplishment or act of justice.  But President Obama has used as something much less honorable.  Among the extensive list of Liberals awarded the medal are Ellen DeGeneres, Joe Biden, and Bill Gates…


Strangely enough this story has just now hit the media even though most of these recipients were given the award on November 22nd, 2016.  However, some of these, such as Joe Biden, were just recently awarded (some of those mentioned here had been previously awarded, they were not awarded in 2016).  But if you look at the data you’ll see a very fishy trend.  All of these recipients have donated significant amounts of money to either the Obama Administration or the Clinton Foundation.  So just to keep you patriots informed, we have compiled the list of some of the more frustrating recipients.


Ellen DeGeneres

Widely known for her successful talk show ‘Ellen’, Ellen DeGeneres is a Liberal strongly opposed to policies such as closed borders or abolishing Obamacare. While many appreciate Ellen for her charming sense of humor, she nevertheless is very anti-Freedom. While she has not performed any act worthy of the Medal of Freedom she has nevertheless received it…

Ellen Degenres

Joe Biden

Arguably the most Liberal Politician ever, Joe Biden was just recently Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom as one of Obama’s last acts as President.  Joe Biden supports open borders, taxpayer funded abortions, and raising the debt ceiling.  He also opposes the 2nd amendment, police officers doing their jobs, and it is rumored he even despises the constitution. (Shocker)

joe biden

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The Left leaning former NBA star has donated significant amounts of money to democratic foundations.  Abdul-Jabbar has sued over what he ‘felt’ was mockery of his false heritage and won!  He is yet another Islamic convert who does not truly understand what Islam actually is.  Now the question still stands, why was he awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Bill Gates

The Co-Founder and former CEO of Microsoft has made several ‘Generous’ Donations to organizations such as the Clinton Foundation.  And has been involved in several ‘Suspicious’ Situations.  While founding Microsoft is a notable accomplishment, this was done in 1975.  And nobody really knows why he and his wife Melinda ‘Deserve’ a Medal of Freedom.

Bill & Melinda Gates


Barbara Streisand

     Barbara has a long history of hurting us. From her music to activism; she has not been good for America. She has an extensive record of partnership with the Clintons & their organizations. Streisand is also an outspoken Trump-basher, because obviously bashing the President-Elect is going to help things. There’s so many more reason that we could list of dear Barbara’s contributions to society, but supporting freedom is not one of them.



So Patriot, what will you do with this knowledge?  How will it help you take back our Nation?  Please educate yourself with more of these articles so that you can truly be

An Absolute Patriot.


If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under. -Ronald Reagan



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