Omar Mateen: What You Need to Know

Omar Mateen- What You Need to Know 1

The mass-murder terror attack of June 12th, that left 49 innocents brutally murdered and 53 seriously injured; has left us questioning.  Questioning our security, questioning how to take action, and what this means for our country.  But perhaps one of the biggest questions is of Omar Mateen – who was he?  What was his background?


He was known as an unstable man.  Omar Mateen was even on a few different FBI radars at different periods.  Due to his instability habits, he was ineligible to be welding weapons.  We are seeing a trend.  The shooters at these tragedies have been off the charts with real mental health conditions.  None of them were in a condition to own weapons.  In addition, the killer’s ex-wife and her father described Omar Mateen as an abusive and unstable man.


In 2006, he graduated with an associates in Criminal Justice Technology.  Shortly after, he was hired by one of the top private security companies, G4S. By 2013, there was an FBI inspection into his possible terrorists-ties.  But how did Omar Mateen get there?  And what where his real terrorist connections that were overlooked by the department that is supposed to be protecting us?
First off, we should recognize the disgusting cult that is Islam.  The Quran is filled with commands to violently slaughter any None-Muslims, which is obviously what Omar Mateen did at Pulse.   Islam is not a peaceful religion and terrorism is its way of gaining world-domination.  It offers two options:  Convert or be slaughtered.  What is impervious to Islam is an informed population of free people.  Americans must learn to stop buying into the media and learn to use their own critical thinking skills.  We must become educated on this abhorring world-dominating-barbaric religious system.

Omar Mateen- What You Need to Know

Self-proclaimed Islamic State devotee Mateen was a sophomore when the al Qaeda terrorists attacked New York on Sept. 11, 2001 — and classmates vividly recalled his offensive reaction to America’s darkest day.  He cheered.  Omar celebrated.

“…Omar was saying some really rude stuff. Stuff like, ‘That’s what America deserves.’ That kind of thing. It wasn’t right,” a former classmate said.

The Orlando terror made two trips to Saudi Arabia between 2011 and 2012 for a Muslim religious pilgrimage.  He also went to UAE in addition, around this time.  But there are suspicious links – what was Mateen really doing in the Middle East?


The 2013 investigation was closed after failing to find ‘sufficient’ evidence. In the spring of 2013, the edgy security guard at St. Lucie County Courthouse in Florida was boasting of his family ties to Al Qaeda, the Sunni extremist group, while also bragging that he belonged to Hezbollah, a rival Shiite group.  He hoped to die as a martyr when police raided his apartment, he told his co-workers.


Then, in 2014, the F.B.I. discovered a possible tie between Mr. Mateen and Moner Mohammad Abusalha, who had grown up in nearby Vero Beach and then became the first American suicide bomber in Syria, where he fought with the Nusra Front, a Qaeda-aligned militant group. Again, the F.B.I. closed the case even after finding a friendship contact between the two men.  But due to these and additional suspicious findings he remained on the FBI radar as a known Islamic State sympathizer, though federal authorities remain unclear about the extent of his ties to the terrorist group.  If he was a known ISIS sympathizer, why did he go on as normal?  As though he wasn’t a threat to our nation?


Omar Mateen-What You Need to Know - Denis Waitley


“He talked about killing people all the time,” said Mr. Gilroy, who joined G4S after a career with the Fort Pierce police and later left the security firm; a former co-worker of Omar Mateen.  But he was always free-roaming and he was in a security position despite the above deeply disturbing cases. Why?  He could plead the Muslim Card. Nobody wants to speak out against Muslims because it might be ‘hate-speech’ or *gasp* ‘intolerant’.

At the climax, of it all, Omar Mateen had ISIS connections, as was mentioned above.  He was on the FBI radar as a known Islamic State sympathizer.  The Islamic State itself, also known as ISIS or ISIL, was not so reticent Sunday and claimed credit for Mateen’s shooting rampage at Pulse.

“The attack that targeted a nightclub for homosexuals in Orlando, Florida was carried out by an Islamic State fighter,” according to a tweet sent out by the Amaq Agency, an online Islamic State propaganda operation.


A bit of an absurd plot-twist to this horror, is that many are saying Mateen had homosexual tendencies.  Family members and an ex-wife say he regularly espoused homophobic views, but regulars at the LGBT nightclub where the 29-year-old American-born Muslim gunman killed 49 while pledging allegiance to the ISIS described him as a routine visitor. The Orlando Sentinel and other news organizations quoted other regulars from Pulse who said they had seen Mateen there a number of times.


Others recognized him from gay dating apps, adding to the complicated and at times contradictory picture of the man behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Maybe this was so that he could better get to know his targets, but very unsettling, regardless.


There is also the unsettling element, that his current wife was involved.  It was discovered that she knew of his plans and did nothing about it.  Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, is facing charges after helping him scope out the attack.

Omar Mateen- What You Need to Know - noor-salman1

To add even more diversity to this case, there were others.  There were other cases of the same nature over the few days of these occurrence.  For example, there was a man in Los Angeles who was on his way to the local pride parade, with a car full of weapons and explosives.  Other such similar cases were uncovered, also.


Leftists, Obama included, insist on steering the conversation towards gun control.  This is not a gun problem.  Many conservatives including Matt Walsh, Todd Starnes, and Ben Carson to name a few, have put out several great simple-logic analyses of the gun issue, with the perspective of this attack.  Gun ownership has gone down in America, matter of fact-ly, which means we are not prepared.  But what this is, is a grave societal issue.   We have failed to prevent this danger in the name of ‘tolerance’ and we now have ISIS on our soil.  Americans need to take smart action and do what must be done to stop the atrocities.



Omar’s Father

Omar Mateen- What You Need to Know.Father

Omar Mateen was born to Radical Islamist Seddique Mir Mateen.   The elder Mateen is taking this opportunity to spew his propaganda.   He has taken to the press conferences to put forth his Islamic views and to promote his Afghani show aired out of California, a political show promoting Muslim-World-Domination and very condescending towards Americans, Pakistanis, Christians, Gays, and just about anyone Seddique can think of.   In a video that he posted to Facebook the day after the attack, Mateen said “God himself will punish those involved in homosexuality.”


But Seddique Mateen appeared to maintain a strong affiliation to Afghanistan, hosting a television show broadcast from California that weighed in on the country’s political affairs.  He also filmed dozens of sparsely viewed, rambling YouTube videos portraying himself as an important Afghan analyst and leader.   In one video, the elder Mateen expresses gratitude toward the Afghan Taliban while denouncing the Pakistani government.  Seddique’s strange obsession with the Taliban is noted in many instances, shedding light to the fact that he probably has strong terrorists-ties, also.

Omar Mateen- What You Need to Know

Afghan authorities view him as a laughing stock.  It is quite humorous that a video he put out ‘announcing his run for the Afghan presidency’ was put out 1 year after the elections. Mateen appears incoherent at times in the video, and he jumps abruptly from topic to topic. His use of Dari, instead of Pashto, the language of Pashtuns, was another strange element of his presentation, given that he is discussing issues of Pashtun nationalism.  “People would make jokes of this guy, especially after videos surfaced of him claiming to be the president in exile.”

He may have pledged allegiance to ISIS because “he wanted to boost himself,” said the elder Mateen of his son, Omar.


Seddique Mateen’s apologies are absolutely disgusting, because he is also apart of these disgusting beliefs that murder is holy. Not only is he, too, a Muslim, he has Taliban connections.  He stated the Sunday morning of the horror that he was “so sorry”.


Deciding for yourself based of critical thinking

As we stated, Leftists, Obama included, insist on steering the conversation towards guns. You know what they ignore? The fact that this is just one of many Muslim acts of violence. Unjustly targeting gays. They also ignore the fact that just months earlier, an Orlando imam was calling for the deaths of all gays, or that Muslims everywhere are saying that they “deserved it” or that it was “a merciful killing”. It’s all a coincidence, they say. Despite being the common denominator in all of this, Islam has nothing to do with violence. But Christians and true, hard-working patriots are still somehow responsible for this attack, according to them.
“Now, if you have defied your Christian faith and actually gone out into the world preaching that gays are subhuman monsters who should be killed, then you certainly should repent of your terrible crimes against truth and God. But, outside of the Westboro Baptists and a few other obscure and irrelevant nutcases, I have not heard any Christians say anything even close to that. Contrary to the popular narrative, ‘bigotry’ does not appear to be the most common stumbling block among believers in the west.”-Matt Walsh


In closing, I think it’s safe to say: get educated and take action.  ISIS is on the move and America has to do something about it.  Remember what was stated above: The Quran is filled with commands to violently slaughter any None-Muslims, which is obviously what Omar Mateen did at Pulse.  Not only are these actions heroic in Islam, but they are requirements according to the Quran and Sharia Law.  Islam is not a peaceful religion and terrorism is its way of gaining world-domination.  It offers two options:  Convert or be slaughtered.  What is impervious to Islam is an informed population of free people.  Americans must learn to stop buying into the media and learn to use their own critical thinking skills.  We need to find out for ourselves who Muslims really are, what the Quran really says, and how ISIS is taking down the free-world.   We must become educated on this abhorring world-dominating-vicious and life-threating religious system.   We must assure the American values of freedom will stand.


The following video is an eye-opening place to start:   Understanding the Ramadan Massacre & the atrocity of Islam

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