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Oh Boy: Boy Scouts Cave To The Left

The 108 year old Boy Scouts of America – soon to be Scouts BSA – announced they were dropping the word “Boy” from their name, the change becoming effective in 2019. This follows an announcement that they will be accepting girls into the now “non gendered” Cub Scouts starting this summer, and subsequently will remove exclusions for girls at those higher levels. The BSA, known for teaching wilderness survival skills are themselves trying to survive declining membership and a changing culture drowning in moral redefinition and political correctness.


Oh Boy: Boy Scouts Cave To The Left


But here’s the thing, their decision will only hasten their demise, not prevent it. Families are starving for bedrock foundations they can build upon.


Leftist don’t want to be accepted into organizations like BSA,they want to destroy them.

The Boy Scouts have become more and more secular in recent years as they have allowed for gay scout masters and now girls entering the ranks as scouts even though an organization already exists for them; Girl Scouts of America!

It’s a shame, because it’s easy to admire the original goals of the Scouts. It taught boys to serve to others, love God, and love their country. It taught boys to remember that everyone is God’s creation, and because of that, to treat everyone with respect. Unfortunately, the BSA changed rapidly within the past decade, and has been fighting over whether to allow gays and transgender members for a long time.


Oh Boy: Boy Scouts Cave To The Left


This decision will most likely quicken their demise as well. The feminization of our boys continues and is rampant today. Our culture continues to deemphasize the important role of the man as fathers and leaders. Sadly, we can now mark the end of the Boy Scouts of America that, after 108 years of teaching and upholding their traditional values, the once proud organization has now caved to the leftist PC culture permeating the American society.

If you haven’t already see enough examples of how political correctness itself can lead to the destruction of a moral society and a nation, then perhaps this event will give you pause.


In the marketplace of ideas the progressive, liberal left-wing has done a very skilful job of changing the culture by changing the meaning of words and by redefining what once were common sense and universally accepted truths. This has been clearly on display recently but has been in the works for decades. While the Left is winning the cultural war, we must take back the narrative and push back against the “progress” of the redefinition of truth.


Oh Boy: Boy Scouts Cave To The Left


In 1974, President Ford was accused of being “too respectful” in the political arena and it was suggested that perhaps he shed his “Boy Scout image.” 
In response President Ford said … “I was a Boy Scout. I am proud of that experience. I have no apologies for it. I think they have done a great deal of good for lots of young men, and I am not going to back off from the 5 or 6 years that I enjoyed being a Boy Scout and doing the things that I think are good for America. Now, to answer your other question. I wish there would be a lot more Boy Scouts.”


Less than a month later President Ford attended the Boy Scouts Annual Awards Dinner, and he said:

“It has recently been said that I am too much of a Boy Scout in the way I have conducted myself as president, and so I reviewed the Boy Scout laws and Boy Scout oath. They say that a Scout is ‘trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.’ … Well, if these are not the goals of the people of the United States, what they want their president to live up to, then … either you have the wrong man or I have the wrong country.”


Oh Boy: Boy Scouts Cave To The Left


Let the tragic self-destruction of the Boy Scouts be a lesson to us all. Begin surrendering to the Left, and they will not be satisfied until you are completely obliterated. Nothing less is acceptable to progressive thought police and false narrative constructors who will stop at nothing to destroy our nations proud history and its institutions, and the Constitution itself to advance their socially engineered marxist utopia.


It’s utter nonsense and it must stop.

This isn’t just another cultural let down by a once conservative valued, traditional organization. This is the continued spread of the cancer-like disease of political correctness. By adding girls to the boy scouts, BSA is taking away everything that scouting is about. Scouting is about boys learning what it takes to become a man and learning that process from other men. This is an extremely important part of growing up and something the political left abhors.

Why? Because the Left is stupid and horrible enough to propagate the idea that ANY separation of gender or recognition that boys and girls are indeed different is sexist and misogynistic and that strong conservative minded men who are trained to be strong leaders and independent thinkers that value God and our nations founding are an immediate and direct threat to the progressive agenda.


As a social experiment this is a travesty. Boys can’t be boys when girls are around.


Girls have always had the Girl Scouts of America and if the Girls Scouts aren’t cutting it, it’s not the Boy Scouts fault or problem. Remember, the Left does not want acceptance or tolerance. They demand complete victory and annihilation of the Right and all it entails.


Anything less is unacceptable.


The end of Boy Scouts is another lost battle in the war on men, an attempt to blur the lines between boys and girls in a weak (and unscientific) attempt at superficial equality.

It’s also another shot to the bow of our nation and let it be yet another reminder of the assault on common sense and what has been a part of the fabric that makes our nation great.

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