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Kim Jong-Un Threats…Just What Are North Korea’s Nuclear Capabilities?

North Korea’s Nuclear Capabilities

Just What Are North Korea’s Nuclear Capabilities?

Some of you may have heard, but Kim Jong-Un II (Possibly the most unintelligent dictator of all time) has ordered North Korea’s Nuclear arsenal to be ready to fire at a moments notice. He has also claimed that the U.S. is asking for war, even though the U.S. maintains no campaigns, gatherings, threats, etc. against North Korea or it’s allies. North Korea’s Nuclear experts have also claimed recently that they have successfully detonated their first hydrogen bomb, and that another is ready with still another in construction! All of this military activity from the world’s most hostile nation just begs the question; ‘What are North Korea’s nuclear capabilities?’


North Korean Missile Arsenal

All known missiles in possession:

Name                         Range                Quantity

  1. Luna-M                   <100km             24
  2. Luna                        <50km               24
  3. G.M.                          360km              ?
  4. Fateh-110                 350km              ?
  5. KN-110 Toksa          140km               30
  6. P-15 KN-1                 300km              ?
  7. Silkworm KN-1       300km               ?
  8. OTR-21 Tochka       140km               ?
  9. Hwasong-5               350km               180
  10. Hwasong-6               500km               600
  11. Scud ER-1                 700km               <20
  12. Rodong                     1,500                 200
  13. Rodong-2                 3000km             ?
  14. Taepodong-1           2000km             10
  15. Taepodong-2          10,000km         2-5
  16. BM-25 Musdan       6,000 km           25+
  17. KN-08                     12,000km           3
  18. KN-11                      10,000km           2
  19. ICBM                      15,000km+       2-5
    (Model Unknown)


People’s Army of Korea, Is it really as much of a threat as it says it is?

Ok, here’s the facts; North Korea has the largest Armed Force of a Nation on Earth, 7.9 Million able bodied men +100,000s of trained Animals, Vehicles, Tanks, and of course it’s Arsenal of 1,000+ Missiles. Convinced? We thought so. While the U.S does have the Nuclear Capabilities to destroy North Korean Facilities and to cut all possible funding, it has not. Though funding by other nations is slim, the DPRNK does not rely on foreign income. Currently, Kim Jong-un II wages war on South Korea, which has an Army of 6.8 million men by the way, and the U.S. which has 100s of ICBMs it could fire right now to incinerate this generations 2nd greatest international threat, next only to Islam. At the rate the DPRNK is making nuclear devices, they could have over 50 ICBMs by the end of the year! They could cripple the U.S., as long as they strike first that is…

So yes, the DPRNK is a threat but, if the U.S. and South Korea act fast, North Korea could be as weak as Greece within days. Is president Obama oblivious, I think not! Just last summer, the DPRNK was ready to launch 5 ICBMs at Kansas City, ST. Louis, Omaha, and the other two at Nuclear facilities in South Dakota. What stopped them? One they forgot to plan their invasion post Missile Strikes, two they could not launch due to computer system Errors, three they had been exposed to the U.S. secret service and the U.S. was secretly preparing itself for war. Wow! Kim Jong-un II is such a stupid man, yet the U.S. let him come within minutes of destroying us.


Current ICBMs and Nuclear threats to America

As of now, North Korea has 10, maybe 15 Missiles that could wreck global economy. The most dangerous of all is the one they just launched, some Models under investigation include the Tsar Bomba, the Largest Bomb ever detonated. Judging by the massive earthquake the detonation caused, this could be what North Korea fired. If so, they could kill Millions by striking in between Boston and New York, or even worse, Yellowstone. Just think, if they hit Yellowstone ½ to 2/3 of the U.S. population would be killed, plus those effected in Canada. If North Korea could land a high-powered nuke on the Yellowstone Caldera they could kill over 200 Million people.


If this last test was indeed a Hydrogen bomb, the DPRNK could strike U.S. states as far away as Louisiana.


North Korea Info

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