How the media is using Harambe?

The bizarre & disgusting phenomena of Harambe

So by now, you’ve heard of Harambe.   After a 3-year-old boy (who was originally reported to be 4, but in reality is 3…probably the media trying to make him seem older and more capable.) successfully entered the gorilla pen, Harambe proceeded to drag the boy around. As a matter of urgency, Harambe was killed by the Cincinnati Zoo.


It was quite astounding, the rapid rate at which the story took the internet by storm. Or rather, opinions of the incident.

Before even watching footage to see that 3-year-old Isiah is African-American, Black Lives Matter issued a statement saying that the only reason this Gorilla was ‘mindlessly’ shot was because the boy was white. They argued that if he was black, the gorilla would not have been shot, somehow making it a ‘Racist’ decision.   But only later did they realize that indeed Isiah was not white. Whoops.

Criminalizing the celebration of human life& mourning the death of a Gorilla as if it were a human-the bizarre phenomena of Harambe

Many have taken to the internet saying how the parents are somehow responsible for the Gorilla’s death: “The mother of this child, who was not seriously injured, is responsible for the death of this gorilla. The family should pay for the emergency response, all hospital bills and the cost of a new gorilla.”

Um, excuse me? Did the mother make the choice to shoot the Gorilla? Is the mother the one killed the Gorilla? No, she is not. She is not responsible for the purchase of a new Gorilla.

Gorilla mourned by millions.while the death of thousands unjustly is ignored.

The offended and the outraged in America, circa the 21st century, let no tragedy go unexploited. Instead of sympathy for the boy and his mother, instead of gratitude that the child’s life was saved, the millions of petitioners want to punish someone.


The parents have issued their apologies at not realizing that their son was in Gorilla pen, even though they’d realized he was missing and were frantically searching for him. They were being responsible and looking for the toddler who’d wandered of like toddlers do.   They are sorry that the Cincinnati Zoo staff made the decision to shoot Harambe. They’ve even advocated that people who wish to donate do not donate to their cause, but to the Cincinnati Zoo in hopes of the purchase of a new Gorilla.

The parents have also expressed more than a few times how grateful they are for the safety of their son. Which that, too, has become criminalized. People have taken to the internet asking how they’re celebrating the well-being of their son, when a Gorilla was shot? This is where the nation is at, folks. Disgusting.


Surprisingly yet admirably enough, the Director of the Cincinnati Zoo issued a statement at a press conference.

Director Thane Maynard said the gorilla was agitated and disoriented by the commotion during the 10 minutes after the boy fell. He said the gorilla could crush a coconut in one hand and there was no doubt that the boy’s life was in danger.


“We stand by our decision,” he said Monday, reiterating that using a tranquilizer on the 420-pound gorilla could have further threatened the boy because it wouldn’t have taken effect immediately.


“They made a tough quick decision that saved one boy’s life. We stand by our decision that it was the right thing to do at the time,” he said, according to the AP. “People can Monday-morning quarterback about the situation, but I am proud of the fast response and decisiveness of the team. It was a tough decision and we did not take it lightly to shoot our animal and it was a little boys life. This is a huge loss for the Zoo family and the gorilla population worldwide.”


The media has covered this over and over again. They’re pushing it and pushing it. Could Harambe maybe being used as a cover-up? How about the fact that the week following the death of the Gorilla, 70+ people were shot dead in Chicago? Yet, the murders are not reported; instead the wails of Justice for an ANIMAL is played over and over again on all media channels. The death of the gorilla has received 54-times more coverage than the violence in Chicago, according to an analysis from the Media Research Center.


Many of the Pro-Life view have also stated the outrage over the death of Harambe is a sign that human life is valued less than animal life in today’s culture.


“The loss of the gorilla’s life is tragic – but in this upside-down world, we seem to be placing a higher value on the life of an animal than we do on our own children,” wrote pro-life activist Heide St. John.


The utter irony. The fact that this; the death of a Gorilla, is an international tradgedy? While decisions are being made that will change the future of our world, laws being passed to take away our freedoms; THIS is what has the heart of society?! This might be the most disgusting part of the whole fiasco, the fact that there is so much going on with international events and this where the media allows the lime light to be. This is dangerous.


Keeping in mind that parental responsibility is important, what do you think of this situation? Who is responsible? What do you think of the way the media has used it – is it right?






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