Ferguson Memorial? Not A Joke…

So you’ve heard about the Ferguson Riots? Have you heard about the memorial plaque in honor of the criminal?

The Plaque reads the following:

Yep, that’s right. In May 2015 a plaque, was announced by Mayor James Knowles III, in honor of Michael Brown. ‘Officials’ say that there needs to be a more permanent memorial to the teen and objects in the street are a safety hazard.   The items placed in the middle of the street were removed in May by Michael Brown Sr. and volunteers. Officials? Who are these officials and why must they succumb to spending money in HONOR of a criminal?!

Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by a white police officer, an encounter that sparked days of rioting in Ferguson. The officer was not charged after formal investigations revealed Brown apparently attacked the officer and tried to take his gun, and may have been charging at the officer when the shots were fired.

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” never happened. Michael Brown was not a mere “unarmed Black youth” murdered by “racist” police. He was never “shot in the back.” He was a strong-arm robber of a convenience store, who violently attacked a police officer, and tried to take his gun, before being shot dead.


Canfield Drive is where Brown, who was black, was shot and killed by white police officer Darren Wilson, touching off often violent protests and a national “Black Lives Matter” movement. It’s here that the plaque is.


The plaque contains no acknowledgement of the circumstances of Brown’s death on August 9, 2014. Instead, the wording of the memorial pays tribute to Brown’s “afterglow of smiles” left behind when his “life was done.” But no worries, he’s not the only one! There have been several more such cases over the past few years, too. Criminals honored with a memorial in public.



Black Lives Matter, as we discussed, is responsible for the Ferguson Riots’ grassroots movement that it created. They seized their opportunity, and evil mastermind George Soros fueled Ferguson Illegal-Riots with at least $33 million – this just for Ferguson.   Burning the flag, setting cities on fire; these are not peaceful protests, folks. These are the ‘officials’ that have relentlessly, violently, and illegally, contended for calling ‘evil good and good evil’.   After you’ve read about Black Lives Matter and the people behind, it all makes sense. This is not about race here. It is a radical agenda.


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