Donald Trump Review

Donald John Trump Sr. Review (b. June 14, 1946)   Is a successful Businessman from Queens, New York and the president and chairman of the Trump Organization. With an estimated net worth of nearly $8 billion, Trump is widely known as one of America’s richest men.

Some of Trump’s biggest accomplishment include the completion of ‘Trump Tower’ and his 2000 and 2016 candidacies for President of the United States.

Donald Trump Review

Donald J. Trump Review:

Born: June 14, 1946, Queens, New York City, NY

Residence: Trump Tower, Manhattan, New York City, NY

Nationality: American

Education: New York Military Academy, Fordham University,

University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business

Occupation: President and Chairman of the Trump Organization,

Chairman of Trump Plaza Associates LLC.,

Real Estate investor, and Stock Holder

Salary: $250 Million USD

Political Party: Republican (Conservative)

Spouse: Melania Trump, m. 2005

Children: Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump, Barron Trump

Parents: Fred Trump, Mary-Anne Trump

Donald Trump Family Tree


Early Life: Trump was born in 1946 as the 4th child of 5 to Mary-Anne Trump and Fred Trump, A successful real estate developer. Trumps father wasn’t particularly rich, however, he was regarded as one of the city’s most successful real estate developers. Trump had a Very Fine Education at some of the best schools in New York, and after graduating he enrolled in the New York Military Academy where he attained the school’s highest rank of Cadet First Capitan. After graduating high school, Trump moved on to Fordham University where he was referred to the University of Pennsylvania and then finally to the Wharton School of Business. And in 1968 Trump graduated with a bachelor’s in economics.


Business Career: After graduation, Trump began working with his father in real estate. In one of his fist projects he purchased an uninhabited apartment complex for $500,000 and with renovation, was able to sell the complex for $6.75 million in 1972.

Haven proven his business skill in the area of real estate, he moved to Manhattan where he pursued even larger projects. Such as the construction of Trump Plaza and the renovation of Penn Central Transportation Company, now known as Riverside South and Grand Central Terminal.

After a few decades of successful business, in 2001 Trump Completed the Trump World Tower, a 72-Story residential tower Next door to the U.N. Headquarters. He also began construction on Trump Place, a multiple building complex on the Hudson River. Today Trump owns over 1,000 acres of international prime real estate.


Real Estate:

Trump Tower: At 72 stories, the Trump Tower is one of the largest privately owned buildings in the world. The Tower serves several different purposes such as an apartment complex and several hundred offices for some of Donald Trump’s employees as well as Trump’s personal residence.

Golf: One of Trump’s largest real estate investments is in golf courses, he owns and operates seven world class golf courses world wide. And nearly 30% of his 23,000 employees work on his golf courses.

Hotels: Trump owns 12 5-star Hotels around the world. One of them being located within Trump Tower. He earns nearly $100 Million per year off of his hotel chain.


Trump owns large stocks in several companies such as Facebook, Bank of America, and Johnson & Johnson. He sometimes sells his shares for nearly triple what he bought them for, and earning nearly $10 Million per year from stocks He is known as one of America’s most successful stock holders.


Net Worth: One of Trump’s most debated topics is his net worth, Forbes often under estimates his net worth at around $5 Billion, but the Trump organization and Trump himself claims based off of confidential business ventures, and past ventures that didn’t catch the media’s attention that his actual net worth is around $9 billion, which actually fits better with the facts than Forbes’s estimate of only $5 billion. The Trump organization claimed a dramatic leap in wealth in 2015 due to a very successful stock year. Which is proven by Facebook revealing that Trump sold a Share in the company for around $10 million and Other companies have said similar things.


Politics: Something that wasn’t very widely known about Trump until recently is that he is also involved in politics. As it turns out Trump has actually run for president before in 2000 but dropped out due to lack of the vote. Trump has changed political views a few times, he started out as Democrat as would any large American business owner. But In 1999 he Realized that the democratic party was not the solution to America’s problems and began a search for truth, going from Reform to independent to Republican and Finally Identifies as a conservative today, saying he is pro-life, anti-planned parenthood, Anti-Immigration (until a new policy is established), and Pro-wall, if you will.

2000 Presidential Campaign:

         In 2000 Donald Trump announced he was running for as an independent politician, But the general public looked at him as a kind of ‘joke’ and primarily supported George W. Busch. So Trump eventually dropped out of the race deeply disappointed. The expense did come as a blow to Trump but not a large one due to his abundant wealth.

2016 Presidential Campaign:

In June of 2015 Trump announced he was running for president as a Conservative after changing his political views for good in 2001. And due to the rise of popularity in conservatism and his newly built trust with the American People Trump quickly rose to the top of the polls and has stayed there since. Some other popular frontrunners of the Republican party include(d) Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Busch. How ever, Trump, on average maintains around a 12-17% lead over all of the other candidates. Trump has made radical claim as to what he would do if president. And his history of getting things done and being successful and honest instantly made him popular when he announced his campaign.



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