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David Hogg: Vulgar, Rude, And WRONG

Parkland High students, such as David Hogg, have been making headlines for months as they take to the activist stage, using the tragic shooting of their school in February as their platform to fight for gun control and second amendment infringement.


David Hogg: Vulgar, Rude, And WRONG


The Left is using David Hogg,  Emma Gonzalez, and other Parkland survivors as tools to force their agenda and tug at the heartstrings of every compassionate American citizen. These young people have been through a horrible tragedy, and the Left has been taking full advantage of them since the very day of the school shooting. Instead of getting a time of recuperation, therapy, and healing, they were immediately thrust onto the world stage to block logic from stumping the liberal agenda.


When people voice disagreement with the cause and the agenda, the Left will use these kids as a shield, accusing the contradicting parties of attacking children. Liberal media is trying to portray them as untouchable, demonizing anyone who tries to debate what these kids are preaching, but demanding that Americans take them seriously and submit to their emotionally charged political demands.


American citizens should have the right to voice their opinions just as much as these kids do. If their ideal laws passed, all American citizens would be subject to them. Parkland students don’t get a free pass, and they are not immune from logical debate and disagreement just because they are young.


One of the most notable and controversial students is David Hogg, a seventeen year old young man who has marched at the forefront of his cause with a conceited, condescending, know-it-all attitude. His interviews are rampant with foul language, disrespect, and most importantly, inconsistencies.



Lets take a look at David Hogg and uncover his stories, his speeches, and his message.


David Hogg: Vulgar, Rude, And WRONG


David Hogg: A Destructive Role Model


David Hogg has been elevated to a position of influence over young and impressionable minds everywhere. He makes a point to flaunt his utter disrespect and filthy language habits in every interview, video, and report.


“When your old-a** parent is like, ‘I don’t know how to send an iMessage,’ and you’re just like, ‘Give me the f****** phone and let me handle it.’ Sadly, that’s what we have to do with our government; our parents don’t know how to use a f****** democracy, so we have to.”


This was said by Hogg in an interview when asked about what he and his friends were doing. Not only is he rude, foul, and offensive, but he is entirely uneducated. America is a republic, not a democracy, and unfortunately legislature and political policies are nowhere near as simple as texting.


David Hogg: Vulgar, Rude, And WRONG


Hogg has overwhelmed every lewd, vulgar lecture to the American people with dramatic emotion, trying to guilt the masses into submitting to his lead. His example teaches young people to disrespect the people who came before them who have worked so hard to build America. He teaches young people to put illogical emotion before facts, to slander their opposition, to demonize those who believe differently, and to crave power and then flaunt it.


David Hogg: Untouchable


Hogg and his friends have willingly leapt into the public sphere, demanding that Americans bend to their will and pass legislation that is both unconstitutional and immoral. They demonize all opposition, but play the part of the innocent victim when they are challenged. Their defense is that they’re kids and as such they shouldn’t be targeted.


It is absolutely their right to exercise their God-given First Amendment Right as American citizens, but we the people have that very same right. These kids aren’t untouchable just because they don’t like being challenged- if they are going to voice a public opinion, they have to expect public opposition. They are demanding to be treated like adults, but don’t want to bear the responsibility and accountability of adults.


David Hogg: Vulgar, Rude, And WRONG


The media has exalted Hogg as untouchable by disagreeing parties, flexing his youth and traumatic experiences as shields to ward off any and all logical debate.


David Hogg: Inconsistencies


David Hogg’s stories are always roller coasters of mismatched information. He can never seem to keep his facts straight, especially when publicizing his experience at the Parkland shooting. In some interviews when recounting the tragedy, he claims to have been at home when the shooting began. He says he hopped on his bike and rode to the school with his camera to get as much video as possible, while in other videos he claims to have been already inside the school when the gunshots went off.


In several interviews in February, he was wildly inconsistent with the account of his sisters friends. He claimed that she lost two friends, then three, then four, then two. In many circulating YouTube videos, which are quickly becoming restricted and harder to find, Hogg can be heard being coached through interview lines. In one video, an assistant is heard telling him “no cussing,” and he repeats his line without the foul language. In another video, the interviewer is feeding him phrasing and lines from behind the camera.


David Hogg: Vulgar, Rude, And WRONG


David Hogg: Power-Hungry


Because of his platform and story, David Hogg has come into sudden and immense fame not only in the political sphere, but in modern culture as a whole. It’s obvious in every one of his interviews that this “power” has gone to his head. It certainly doesn’t help that leftists are gushing over him in every way, showering him with flattery. Hogg has made it clear through words, actions, and attitude that he wants people to submit to his opinion and supposed authority. He acts like the world owes him it’s obedience, and anyone who opposes him is automatically a monster of the most vicious degree.


Leftist media has been falling at the feet of David Hogg,  praising him for the “power” he currently wields. The fame, the attention, and the “power” have all obviously gone to his head. When The White House called Hogg to peaceably discuss the solutions he wanted to see happen, he allegedly hung up. Bragging about it later, he said; “They called me the day before the listening sessions and asked if we were going to come. I said I’m not coming because we expect President Trump to come to the CNN town hall… I ended on this message with them. I said, ‘We don’t need to listen to President Trump. President Trump needs to listen to the screams of the children and the screams of this nation.”


In Summary;


David Hogg is a rising political activist that absolute patriots have to be very wary of. He is throwing adult-sized temper tantrums on national television and being applauded for it. He doesn’t have the education to even understand that America is a republic, not a democracy, and has no concept of constitutional rights.


Hogg has said that some schools are implementing a clear backpack rule to ward off the smuggling of guns into school, and help prevent shootings. Hogg decries this as an infringement on each students first amendment rights, having no problem applying the first amendment to backpacks, but refusing to genuinely apply the second amendment to guns.


David Hogg: Vulgar, Rude, And WRONG


David Hogg and his friends are vulgar, rude, and wrong. Their policy propositions are anti-constitution, their message is supported by drama and guilt-tripping, and they shift the blame of a few heinous crime onto the american masses who simply want to be equipped to defend themselves. Power-hungry and pouty, these kids should not be lauded as American heroes. Rather, they should be treated as kids who have gone through a traumatic experience who should step out of the spotlight and take time for recovery.


However, if they insist on remaining in the spotlight, they cannot be immune to criticism, challenges to their opinion, and opposition. They cannot be applauded for foul-mouthed fits and bratty, condescending attitudes.


David Hogg needs to be held accountable for his behavior, his disrespect, and most importantly, his un-American ideas that undermine the very foundations of liberty.

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