BREAKING! North Korea Claims: “Our First Hydrogen Bomb Has Been Detonated”

BREAKING! President Obama’s continued failed foreign policy has now put the United States and its allies in arms way. With another terroristic dictatorship in North Korea and they are calling it the H Bomb of justice… Thats short for Hydrogen Bomb for any liberals who stumbled on this or anyone taking common core.

The mere title of this page should make any patriot’s bones chill, Considering what a hostile nation North Korea is this poses quite a threat indeed.  The U.S. government (though having all evidence) has not decided what to tell the people of America, they have simply stated “We Cannot yet say if this statement is true, we’ll just have to watch and wait.”  But North Korea on the other hand is quite sure and proud of it’s accomplishment.

Experts in the area said a 5.1 magnitude earthquake occurred near North Korea’s nuclear test site, and that an Earthquake with such behavior could only be caused by a ‘nuclear blast.’  Ever since 2006 North Korea has been rapidly expanding it’s ‘nuclear arsenal’.  And each accomplishment they claimed to have been achieved has been proven true.  So why would this one be any different?

In case the magnitude of the situation isn’t sinking in let’s talk about just how powerful Hydrogen bombs really are and just how hostile North Korea truly is.  First Hydrogen bombs are 60x more powerful than atomic bombs ( the kind which totally destroyed Nagasaki and Hiroshima in WWII.)  this is powerful enough to kill everyone within 150 miles of the detonation and would do significant damage as far as 200 miles away!  this is enough to kill every one between New York and Boston!  That’s 20 million+ people!

This would go on to do further damage!  Now let’s talk about the hostility of North Korea.  A few years back North Korea claim to have missile silos prepared to launch a 35 megaton nuke at St. Louis Missouri, and another one at Kansas City, the reason for this is still unknown. Fortunately the Korean government opted out at the last minute.  If that doesn’t tell you something I don’t know what will.

So has President Obama failed in his number on duty to protect the Citizens of The United States?


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