America’s Sacred Sovereignty

Contrary to popular liberal messaging the Constitution is NOT a living breathing document and whenever the government goes against the constitution in any way, it is breaking the law. America’s sacred sovereignty is at risk when lawmakers ignore the law.


A nation of laws

We are a nation of laws. The inherent problem with the progressive argument for lax border control and the push for policies such as DACA is the disregard for the laws we already have in place. When you ask the wrong questions, you get the wrong answers.

When former president Obama enacted DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) he did so through executive order. Congress NEVER gave the former president authority to provide this form of amnesty or government benefits to illegal aliens. Obama acted outside of the law by appealing to the emotional stories tied to immigration, centering on the plight of individuals and ignoring the dramatic impact of illegal immigration on the U.S. DACA isn’t law and isn’t binding. It is unconstitutional.

Constant headlines in the mainstream media show families at airports being torn apart by ICE and while these stories are often unfortunate, they ignore the realities of uncontrolled borders and the economic strain on border states and local economies. These are the wrong questions.

Both legal and illegal immigration remains front and center as divisive issues in our nation. Uncontrolled borders are a clear and present danger to our sovereignty and future political landscape.

Since his election, president Donald Trump has placed three immigration-related issues squarely in the spotlight. He has issued executive orders to withhold some federal grants to sanctuary cities, ended President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, and temporarily suspended entry from six terrorist safe havens in Africa and the Middle East.

“It’s our right as a sovereign nation to choose immigrants that we think are the likeliest to thrive and flourish and love us.” – Donald Trump

It’s our right and in fact, our moral responsibility to insist on certain qualities and attributes to those who wish to migrate to America and become a part of the vast tapestry and rich cultural heritage of those who come here to acclimate and perpetuate the American ideal.

Predictably, at every turn these decisions of President Trump were met with mainstream media handwringing, baseless cries of racism from Democrats, protests, outlandish court rulings and otherwise over-the-top hysterical reactions. The soluti to the DACA problem is legal immigration.

Obama’s Unlawful Act

President Obama acted outside of the law, moved unconstitutionally to implement his pet DACA policy and President Trump simply eliminated DACA and told Congress to do their job. Congress has 100% authority to make immigration laws and their responsibility is to protect the sovereignty of the United States.

Of course its never easy. Witness the fact that when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House, they also failed to pass any sort of new immigration policy. That was back when President Obama was declaring that he did not have the power unilaterally to decide to impose a solution. (Before deciding he did.) The law matters.

As for Trump’s temporary travel ban, that is an area of immigration law where Congress has given the president extensive authority. The ban was obviously not religious or race-based. It was country-of-origin based. It was common sense and needed. The false narrative immediately presented by the left was that Trump and the Republicans were targeting minorities and Muslims.

Hispanics supporting Trump

Obama accused President Trump of specifically targeting these people and called it cruel and heartless. The cruelty truly lies in the fact that Obama targeted these vulnerable people by skirting the law and creating his own unconstitutional policy that gave those already in the country and those considering entering illegally hope. Hope that this was perhaps the opportunity to enter and get grandfathered in. That was cruel in the sense that it brought heightened attention to the illegality of their plight.

The courts are supposed to defer as much as possible to Congress and the president but far too many courts today act as judicial tyrants by ignoring the constitution to bring their personal brand of social justice by way of the gavel.

The real reason for this massive push for mass amnesty is of course votes. If hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants were to be granted amnesty and allowed to vote in US elections, the number voting for Democrats would easily surpass 80%. A recent study of DACA voters shows that a majority of these new Democratic voters reside in Republican states. Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia are states that could easily flip to the democrat party with such an influx of “new” voters.

Yet still, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and other RINO’s  seem determined to work with Democrats to pass DACA amnesty. 

It’s not an overstatement that if amnesty is granted, Democrats would dominate national elections for decades to come. And if that wave of Democrats were to hold office they would certainly open the borders to the third wave of third world immigrants who will most assuredly be democrat voters. This is the true endgame of the liberal progressive movement.

You may recall the wave of illegal immigration that followed President Reagan’s signature on a 1986 law that granted amnesty to as many as 3.2 million illegal immigrants. Current estimates are that post-amnesty total has risen to 11 million.

America’s sacred sovereignty

The US is at a tipping point. Another round of amnesty and the progressive snowball of the last 50 years may be unstoppable.

Thus President Obama’s vision of a fundamentally changed America would finally be cemented, even if only a few years after he left office.

Critics of President Trump who are upset for actually enforcing our immigration laws and for ending the unlawful, unconstitutional DACA program and deferring to Congress seem to think that the Constitution and its delegation of powers should only be recognized when they produce the policies they want.

Millions of poor and suffering people around the world may soon believe that if they get to America by whatever means necessary, legal or not, that they would eventually be granted legal citizenship by way of amnesty. That is a false and dangerous message. For the left it simply means votes.

But the ends do not justify the means — especially if we want to preserve a constitutional republic that protects liberty, freedom, economic opportunity and most of all, America’s sacred sovereignty.


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