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5 Gun Control Myths- DEBUNKED!!

Gun Control has been a prevalent political topic in America for decades, and it’s never been more passionately promoted than it is today. A narrative has been spread by the Democratic party that Gun Control is a method of preserving peace and saving lives. This narrative is nothing short of a fantasy at best, and a malicious lie at worst.



Here are 5 Gun Control Myths- DEBUNKED!!


1. Assault Weapons Are Dangerous


Be aware of Leftist terminology; every phrase they use regarding Conservative issues has an underlying message that applies a convenient filter over reality.


The term “assault weapon” is constantly used by progressive liberals to insinuate bad intentions of gun owners, and immediately put specific guns in a negative light. A gun isn’t an “Assault Weapon” unless it is being used to actually assault someone… which is already illegal. A gun isn’t an assault weapon any more than a knife, a canister of pepper spray, a spoon, a minivan, a basketball hoop, or fruitcake is. When any object is used in an assault, it is an assault weapon. But if it is being used legally, correctly, safely… It is simply an object.

5 Gun Control Myths- DEBUNKED!!


2. The Second Amendment Is For Hunting


“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


Not only is it an American Right to own and carry guns, it is a Right that should not be infringed upon. The Second Amendment wasn’t included with only the intention of allowing people to go hunting, or even defend their homes from criminals, although American liberty definitely allows for those things.


The Second Amendment was included so that the people could hold their government accountable. A tyrannical government cannot develop over an armed population, and the people hold the power to revolt against the government should it become communistic, totalitarian, fascist, or overreaching.


“Sensible Gun Reform” is part of a Leftist agenda to disarm the American population. It is a series of small steps and small reform laws that prey on emotion and empathy. Those steps get bigger and bigger, and they will eventually add up to the complete prohibition of firearms and dismissing of the Second Amendment. Gun Control is a phase of the Democratic plan to undermine the legitimacy of the Constitution, to weaken, prey upon, and reinvent America as we know it, and ultimately control the American people. Gun Control is a web of false logic, made-up facts, and a tool to place maximum power in the hands of Leftist Extremists.


5 Gun Control Myths- DEBUNKED!!


3. Guns Are The Cause Of Violence And Death


After every mass shooting or gun-related tragedy, the first culprit swarmed by progressives is the gun itself. Mainstream media seems to forget one glaringly obvious fact; the gun is an inanimate object.


Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.


Liberals are refusing to acknowledge violent video games and films, a sexualized culture, a calloused education system, or depraved entertainment as possible causes for violence in society. They want to solely blame the guns because if the people fear guns, they will give them up. When the people surrender their guns, they have surrendered all liberty. If the guns are confiscated, it is only a matter of time until the government exerts complete control over life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


4. Gun Control Will Diminish Crime


If Gun Control was the answer to violence and criminal activity, Chicago would be the safest possible city to live in. But in reality, Chicago is one of the most dangerous American cities due to its increasing crime levels and high murder rate. The same scenario can be applied to California, a state with severe unconstitutional gun control, and crime rates that are constantly climbing.


If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have them. Promoting gun control as the answer to murders in America is like saying that banning drugs will end the drug problem. Drugs are already illegal, so people acquire them illegally. If guns were illegal, only those willing to engage in illegal activity would have them. Drug dealers, house robbers, thieves, serial killers, and violent people would remain armed, while law-abiding citizens would honor the government, be disarmed, and in turn, be completely helpless to defend themselves against violence.


5 Gun Control Myths- DEBUNKED!!


5. Hey Hey NRA, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today? 


Slogans like this are being chanted by Gun Control Advocates across the country, accusing the National Rifle Association as an organization dedicated to murdering children. Members and supporters of the NRA have been targeted by furious Leftists, and have been faced with racial slurs, insults, and even hate crimes from the so-called “tolerant” progressives.


Second Amendment supporters are being portrayed by mainstream media as supporters of violence and crime. Because Conservatives want to solve the problem differently than Liberals, the Conservatives are being accused of causing and enabling mass shootings. They are immediately shut down by Leftists in discussions about solutions, and are labeled thoroughly evil.


This is because Leftists don’t want solutions; they want power, and they can’t have power unless they get rid of guns.


It is a safe observation to say that the NRA isn’t enabling the murder of innocents. In fact, their training for gun owners has saved many lives in crisis situations. In reality, the Leftists are to blame for exposing schools to violence by banning protection on school grounds. Leftists are to blame for disarming law-abiding American citizens, and Leftist leaders are willing to sacrifice the lives of children in order to push through their agenda.


5 Gun Control Myths- DEBUNKED!!


In Summary:

The Second Amendment preserves YOUR Right to self-preservation. Americans possesses the God-given Right to defend themselves, and it is not within the authority of the American government to infringe upon that Right. The aspects of Gun Control promoted with tears and theatrical speeches by the Left are myths that can be soundly and thoroughly debunked. Logic, the Constitution, and American Liberty are on the side of the Second Amendment Rights of every American Citizen. 


The concept of Gun Control is composed of many fantasies that don’t add up when measured against logic. Consider these 5 Gun Control Myths- DEBUNKED!!

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