10 Reasons Our Society Is Practically Dead Meat

10 Reasons Our Society Is Practically Dead Meat - imminent danger

So, Our Country has been headed down the wrong road ever since the Great Depression, and every day our problems grow, we believe that any sensible person knows this or at least senses it.  And with the Great Depression being as close as we’ve ever come to our entire Country falling apart, Imagine what it would be like today with china relying so heavily on us buying their goods, and with ISIS just waiting for an opportunity to destroy and with our practically unguarded borders, not to mention the 17 Trillion Dollar Debt.  So, what do you think good, or bad?  Yeah, we thought so…

Now, you may be asking yourself, well where’s your proof of this ‘Imminent Danger’, well here’s 10 reasons we just alerted you of the greatest crisis on U.S. soil since it’s founding in 1776.

So, we’ll go in order of least to greatest things to worry about.

10 Reasons Our Society Is Practically Dead Meat - Barack Obama

1.   Barack Obama’s remaining time in the white house:

President Obama has clearly been ramping up his bad politics lately, and no telling how bad it will be by January.  The good news is, he only has ‘till January.  The bad news is, He has proven He can do a lot of evil in 6 months…  So what does this amount to?  Well, let’s look at his most recent crimes against humanity, shall we?

a. ‘Forcing’ People everywhere to follow in Targets footsteps and letting the Mentally confused choose whichever Restroom they’d like…  Since this outrageous speech, Boys have started running on the Girls track team, using the Girls restrooms even when it’s against the organization’s policy, and vice versa.  Some are even suing those who interfere.

b. Raising The ‘Debt Ceiling’ A.K.A Inflation, We print more money to have more to spend, but we still over spend, making more money makes the value go down, minimum wage is increased and we just can’t keep up with the cycle.  This is the stuff that caused the great depression.  And Obama seems to be a pro at it…

c. Over 12,000,000 Million Americans have left the work force due to Obama’s Policies…  They Either were fired, their department was outlawed or dissolved, they were kept from their job because of the policy, or they quit because of the policies.  This isn’t just the amount of people who have left the work force, these are only the people who have left the work force because of Obama.

10 Reasons Our Society Is Practically Dead Meat - China

2. China:

You already heard by now but, we owe China 2 Trillion Dollars and we also happen to buy EVERYTHING from them.  So when our Financial System starts headed down hill, and we can’t afford to buy any more from China, don’t you think they’ll want their money back?  Or maybe when their Government falls apart (basically happening right now) they’ll need cash.  And our politicians (with their egos) will naturally resist. Who was China’s number one ally again?  Oh, that’s right, Russia.  And who’s our number one ally, Oh yeah, Iran, didn’t they say they wanted to destroy us or something?

10 Reasons Our Society Is Practically Dead Meat - Taxes

3. Taxes:

Taxes are what creates opportunity for problems in America.  Think about it, no tax money equals no funds for welfare, no funds for welfare equals, no welfare, no welfare equals a larger stronger working class and less illegal immigrants.  This concept is the same for abortion, absurd international deals such as the Iran nuclear deal, the national debt, our overly large power hungry and propaganda filled government as well.  Taxes also drive us U.S. citizens insane, and in the end we only get to keep a fraction of our income.  And taxes also make it so that the government owns everything think about it, sales tax equals the government owns all small and large and in between businesses.  Property tax equals, you never actually own your property, It is actually being rented from the government.  Income tax equals the very reason we separated from the U.K. back in 1776!  Income tax, that brings me to another conclusion, the reason the government keeps driving up minimum wage is because they want more income tax dollars!  After reading this rant you probably understand the conservative stance on taxes, right?

10 Reasons Our Society Is Practically Dead Meat - Environment

4. Environment: 

Now we don’t mean to sound like the Washington environmentalists but…  There are a good number of natural disasters that could cripple America, among those are the Yellowstone super volcano (which would inevitably kill 88,000,000 people and potentially even more, it would then proceed to put the world in a kind of ice age, again crippling.  And that many people taken out of the tax flow and work force would easily bring our economy to a halt.  Another threat is all of the dry conditions in the west, some wildfires are taking areas nearly as large as Puerto Rico.  And this summer has been a hot and dry one… However, environment isn’t nearly America’s greatest threat…

10 Reasons Our Society Is Practically Dead Meat - Black lives matter

5. Black Lives Matter/Ferguson like events: 

We all know how horrendous events like the Ferguson riots and Baltimore shootings are/were.  But do we actually realize the terrible affects that Black Lives Matter is having on our Nation?  Here’s some statistics…  Nearly $30 million has been done in damage since 2014, over 500 people have been injured or killed, many left homeless or out of work, and worst of all police officers have lost any trust with much of the U.S. population.  These events are becoming more and more common, and if something doesn’t change soon, our country will be in big trouble.

10 Reasons Our Society Is Practically Dead Meat - Corrupt Judicial Systems

6. The Corrupt Judicial System: 

In today’s government we have essentially lost our right to trial by jury without any protest from the people whatsoever.  If you have been paying attention you would have noticed that many cases such as the Gay marriage case, had no Jury!  Another thing you would have noticed is that the government instantly made the judges word law, NEWSFLASH the judicial branch does not make the laws around here!  The job of the judicial system is to deliver criminal or social justice according to laws that are made by the legislative branch, what happened here is that the Judicial branch paid no attention to the law and involved themselves in something that is none of their business (private property, child custody, marriage) and they made their own laws to judge by and delivered a verdict without the use of a jury!  This is ridiculous!  At this point the government can accomplish anything they want by installing underqualified, corrupt judges!  This is a serious threat to the security of the American citizen, they have no guarantee of safety from the government or any sort of satanic ‘civil rights movement’ that may take them to court for no good reason.

10 Reasons Our Society Is Practically Dead Meat - rights infringement

7. The Infringement of Our rights: 

As Modern U.S. citizens we are so brain washed by and dependent on our tyrannical government that we don’t pay attention to or care when they openly remove our rights.  One of the biggest culprits in this area is the Department of Homeland Security, Arguably the most unconstitutional means of the government accomplishing their agenda possible, or you can just call them the mafia for short.  Some example of our rights being utterly compromised include the Texan ranch incident last year, the robbery and abuse of a couple by the DHS a few years ago and the repetitive abuse of those who refuse to facilitate, accommodate, give excessive hospitality and large amounts of money to homosexuals who demand your compliance.  As you can probably tell, our country is in big trouble and… you are never safe from the government.

10 Reasons Our Society Is Practically Dead Meat - WWIII

8. WWIII: 

With the many International conflicts today, it can only be so long before we face another world war. And just consider how much our methods of attack have accelerated since 1945, now we have massive nuclear weapons, larger armed forces, extremely stealthy aircraft, vehicles equipped with all sorts of attack mechanisms, and don’t forget the fact that we have eliminated 60% of our nuclear weapons and defense mechanisms and made those were our closest allies our worst enemies and those who were (are) our worst enemies our closest allies…  As you can see, we will be doomed when WWIII occurs.

10 Reasons Our Society Is Practically Dead Meat - open borders

9. Open Borders/Radical Islam: 

This one drives us crazy…  Picture this, a land where anyone and everyone can freely come and go with no ID, back round check, or papers, do terrible things and expect to be treated as those who are hard working law abiding citizens yet they never have to obey the laws, pay taxes, or get a job because the government takes everything from those who do follow the laws, pay taxes and work jobs then give all of that stuff to the Illegals.  Gee that sounds an awful lot like America…  Do you see the point here?  Our immigration ‘Policy’ just doesn’t work.  Just like peaceful Islam just doesn’t work.  If you have ever studied up on Islam, you’re either a Jihadist or not a Muslim at all, so you could say, not all Muslims are Jihadists but all jihadists are Muslim, but that would be a bit an understatement.  Here’s the big question.  Why is the government allowing these people to do what they are doing and not only that but pay them to do it and practically let them run the society?!?!?  Why, we may never know…

10 Reasons Our Society Is Practically Dead Meat - Hillary Clinton

10. Hillary: 

Let’s just say this, If Hillary were president each and every thing on this list would take part in the final ruination of America.  Here’s just a few things she would force upon the American people.

1. Gun control

2. No borders

3. More taxes

4. More Muslims

5. More terrorism

6. More debt

7. No homeschooling

8. No Christianity or Judaism

9. Bigger government

And the list goes on with things like total dictatorship, public execution, of constitutionalists, the abolition of the Constitution itself, Conservatism Outlawed, even less military, even more lies, etc.  So as you can see, Hillary is by far the biggest threat to America.

Now the Choice is your’s, what are you going to do with this knowledge?  Who will you vote for?  Where will you move?  Will you move?  Are you going to take a stand?  Our hope is that you would be wise in your thinking in this society of fools, because having smart and constitutional citizens and politicians is the only way our country can turn around…

As Absolute Patriots, we stand behind our rights and the rights of US citizens.  We are doing all we can to protect you.  What are you doing to preserve your rights and your safety in our current state of affairs?  To make certain you have the most up to date news and so we can alert you with any personal infringements, contact us HERE.  

Together we stand strong!

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