Worst President Ever Elected- Chicago Slams Obama

New video reveals just how strongly Chicago residents feel about who has and hasn’t looked out for them as President.

Black residents spoke up Friday to express their disgust with President Barack Obama amid the local violence and poverty.

“Barack will go down as the worst president ever elected,” one man told Rebel Pundit. “Bill Clinton was the African-American President.”

Guess Barack Obama didn’t listen to his own constituents even as as State Senator.

Immigrants or Citizens…Who comes first?

Residents gathered in front of the Chicago Police Department headquarters to protest, questioning why federal dollars were being spent on immigrants while native Chicagoans suffered.

Some called for Obama’s resignation and you can watch it all here:

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  • Debbie McGee

    I think it’s a disgrace ya’ll keep talking about the president letting down “African Americans.” Bill Clinton was the “African American president?” No, Bill Clinton was America’s president. Seriously people, do you think Chicago is the only place he’s let down? I didn’t vote for his sorry SOCIALIST butt the first time, and I certainly did NOT vote for him the 2nd time. He scammed African Americans. He promised you all the entitlements, and cell phones and THAT is why you voted for him. Before the next election, please do some research and investigate your candidate. Forget what he says. Find out how he voted. Is he bought and paid for by some big company that he will have to look out for during his term, or is he an honest man who LOVES AMERICA, and wants her to be all that she has been in the past? Obama has scammed EVERYONE. I didn’t know he hated America and all that we were. I didn’t know he hated democracy and loved socialism. I didn’t know he would fund Mexican drug cartells and Islamic terrorists, but he has. So those of you that voted for him, do you blame yourself for putting America at risk, by taking what YOU thought was the easy way out? Chicago , he was your Senator. Why didn’t you of all people know he couldn’t /wouldn’t make a decision and stick by it? Why didn’t you KNOW the kind of “man” Barack Obama was? How did a lawless renegade get into office? He didn’t himself there. He was VOTED IN by people who thought he was going to give them everything. Shame on you!

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